During the last day of August we can have an idea of how the crypto whales are prepared for the beginning of September. For this, we did the usual monitoring in Whale Alert and we bring you a summary.

The crypto whales during this day have mobilized a considerable variety of crypto currencies. However, the most prominent were BTC, YFI, USDT and LINK.

Chainlink, what is the reason for its growth: LINK Marines

Crypto whales continue to accumulate BTC
This August 31 has been characterized by six operations with Bitcoin, of which three were from exchanges to unknown wallets, two were made between exchanges and the remaining from an unknown wallet to Binance.
The accumulation totaled 6,561 BTC. These whales took their tokens from exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex and OKEx. On the other hand, the other two operations between exchanges were made between Xapo and Binance, for a total of 1,050 BTC that went out and came in to Xapo.

Thus, although the amounts do not seem to be very large, the trend that has predominated today is the accumulation of the leading crypt currency by crypto whales.

YFI triples Bitcoin in value
What other currencies are relevant to these actors at this time?
As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the variety is outstanding, but we will start with YFI which has had considerable growth recently. Crypto whales performed four interesting operations, three of which introduced a total of 114 YFI into Binance.

Meanwhile, the remaining operation was 800 YFI, but among unknown wallets. The reason to see this considerable sale is that at the moment YFI has increased in value by 18.79% in the last few hours. According to CoinMarketCap, it is currently worth US$ 38,122.55.

Next, we have the case of USDT, in the last 24 hours Whale Alert has reported eight transactions with these crypto currencies. The distribution is as follows: four transactions from unknown wallets to exchanges, two transactions between unknown wallets and the remaining one from the Tether treasury to Binance (34,000,000 USDT).

Thus, we can infer that the whales are interested in obtaining exchanges for fiat money or perhaps other cryptomonies like the ones mentioned above. In short, a total of 67,276,333 USDT ended up in Huobi and Bittrex mainly.

LINK and crypto whales vs. September

Finally, when talking about LINK we will see that crypto whales have made six transactions in the last 24 hours. Of these six transactions, four were made between unknown wallets (888,900 LINK). The other two totaled 614,002 LINK and were made from unknown wallets to exchanges such as Bittrex and OKEx.

Therefore, there is no cumulative interest from LINK, but neither is there a massive sales trend. On the contrary, it seems to be a strategy in which the status quo of the Immediate Edge and the market is maintained. This may be due, in part, to the medium and long term expectations that whales and investors in general have regarding LINK’s growth.